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P&K Wishlist

30 Apr

P&K Wish List

I eat out a fair amount, definitely more than your average bear, and perhaps more than is reasonable for a fairly recent college grad with downtown DC rent payments and a few student loans. The DC dining scene just has so much to offer these days and it’s exciting to go out and try new places. Even with all the dining out I do there are still about a bazillion places I want to try. Some are DC institutions that I’ve just never made it to, a couple come with ‘dream the impossible dream’ price tags, some are new openings,  a few are hole in the wall types and some beckon with dining deals that are too good not to take advantage of (recession much?). So here is my short list of places to try (narrowed down from that bazillion), hopefully I’ll be reporting on a few of them in the not so distant future!

Komi (someday…)

Sushi Taro (the Omakase experience)


Central by Michel Richard


Sushi Ko


Pho 14

2 Amy’s (Yep, never been… and I grew up here!)







Taqueria Nacionale

Fire Fly (mostly because their Sunday brunch comes with $1 mimosas and how could $1 champagne beverages in a restaurant decorated like an enchanted forest not be a win?)


P&Q Kitchen To Do’s

8 Feb

I love to cook (and bake!). I don’t think I’m half bad at it either but I’m still pretty new to the kitchen, learning as I go. Also since a lot of my meals involve preparing meals for me, myself and I, I often get stuck in culinary ruts (I eat a lot of breakfast for dinner, not that there is anything wrong with breakfast for dinner, LOVE breakfast for dinner). Part of the reason I started this food blogging adventure was to try new things in the kitchen. Here is a running list of dishes I’d like to give a go:

Un Soufflé


An as-close-to-perfect-as-possible, go-to roast chicken

Short Ribs

Homemade Bread


Something Vietnamese

Shirred Eggs

Boeuf Bourguignon