BGR: Burger Time

17 Sep

Let’s talk burgers. Normally I don’t eat a lot of red meat but every once in awhile I get a ‘got-to-have-it-now’ cheeseburger craving.  A stop whatever you are doing and find burger type of craving. DC is undoubtedly a burger town  so it’s not a hard craving to satisfy. There is a good burger around every corner here. But if I am going to play favorites, and I do, there is one burger spot that for this diner rises to the top of the heap and that is BGR, The Burger Joint.

The ever expanding list of locations are order at the counter spots with a sort of old school rock and roll theme. The menu features specialty burgers galore: turkey, tuna, veggie, Cuban themed, sliders for sharing etc. The Wellington packs a flavor punch with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, roasted garlic and blue cheese. It is very filling, very sloppy and very tasty. The Greek, featuring ground lamb, fresh mint, taztziki and feta is one of my favorites, almost refreshing (if a burger could ever fall into that category… probably not).

My go to however is the original The Burger. They get the classic right at  BGR, char grilled outside, juicy inside, buttery brioche bun, mojo sauce (it tastes good, whatever it is). I top mine with cheddar and apple wood smoked bacon , because if you’re going to have a burger you might as well go all out right? So Good.

THE Burger

Then there are the fries. BGR has three varieties: gold, orange and green standards, thick cut classic potato fries, a skinnier sweet potato version and grilled asparagus (to balance out that bacon cheese burger). They’re all good and if I am with a larger group I like to order all three for sharing purposes.

Room left? There are onion rings, handspun shakes with fun seasonal flavors like Guinness and pumpkin pie, and floats. And the best part? There are now four locations with more to come throughout the metro area so the next time you get that must-have-burger-now feeling, BGR is never very far away.


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