26 Aug

Rasika is one of those places that has been on the top of my ‘to try’ list for quite some time now. For one reason or another I just never made it in, then suddenly last week I had the opportunity to try it… twice… and at the very same table. Now that is a happy coincidence.

Rasika’s interior reminds me of dining in an Indian jewel box, everything is very rich, warm and plush, there are also actual (plastic) jewels suspended from the ceiling. The staff is friendly and happy to guide you through any menu items you might be unfamiliar with. Before you get to the menu however be sure to dive into their cocktail list, which is now one of my favorites in town. My favorite was the Chili Fizz a spicy gin based drink with just enough kick.

If you have ever heard mention of Rasika then you have more than likely also heard of their palak chaat aka crispy spinach. It is the stuff of legends and rightfully so, this is some very special spinach: flash fried, yogurt sauced, melt in your mouth, boyfriend says he will be returning to have just spinach for lunch the next day- kind of spinach. I couldn’t resist ordering the dish on both visits. So good.

Heavenly Spinach

‘Do you like spicy?’ our waitress asks as we choose entrees. We do and she recommends lamb kolhapuri, a dish laden with spices: red chilies, coriander, cinnamon and cloves. The meat is lovely, fork-tender, and the dish packs quite a bit of heat. It is quite tasty though it did require an extra order of naan and a cold Kingfisher beer to temper all those chilies! The Andhra chicken curry we ordered was much less spicy with a sweetness from the coconut and poppy seeds in the dish. The black cod I had on trip two is a horse of a different color in comparison with these heavier, comforting curries. It is a delicate dish, with just enough spice, sweetness lent by honey and the surprising flavors of fresh dill and star anise. The fish melts in your mouth in a way I was unaware cod was able to melt.

One Fish, Two Fish

On the dessert front Rasika tempts the dinner with a selection of new and interesting offerings. On my second visit my whole table succumbed to the gulab jamun, little donut like desserts, soaked in honey with an interior consistency of a custard. They are served with cardamom ice cream and manage to be delicious and complex at the same.

Two visits, one table, two amazing meals (and hopefully more to come)!


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