Seventh Hill

18 Aug

When wondering to Eastern Market for dinner supplies a few weeks back Seventh Hill Pizza managed to delay shopping endeavors, luring the boyfriend and I inside for a quick lunch. We were not the only ones, well after the customary lunch hour the teeny pizzeria is packed, perhaps having something to do with the glowing review the Post published the week before. With the tables full we migrate toward the one open seat at the bar… right next to the pizza oven on a day when the heat index reached a number I don’t even want to think about. “That seat,” chef Anthony Pilla warns while shaping pizza dough a few feet away, “Is at your own risk. It’s going to be hot.” Noted.

Thankfully a table opens and we snatch it up quickly. Seventh Hill is an order at the counter operation. We opt for the Eastern Market pizza and the soup of the day, a white grape gazpacho. When the food arrives the gazpacho comes with a surprise, a small round of pizza dough with a crunchy, cheesy topping. The cool soup itself is delicious blend of flavors, refreshing and smooth with a little tang from the grapes. On that particularly suffocating Sunday in July it made me want to forgo my spoon and gulp the contents directly from the bowl.

Mmmm... gazpacho.

The pizza is served Neapolitan style with a thin crust. Ours was topped with tomato, goat cheese, basil, rosemary, tapenade and mushrooms. It tasted like the kitchen had just plucked the ingredients from the garden, so fresh. My only complaint would be that our crust was a bit flimsy/floppier than expected, another minute in that oven probably would have  made it just right.

Pizza, Pizza

While were munching Pilla comes out from behind the oven to chat with his customers, going out of his way to make sure everyone dining feels welcome and satisfied. “Thumbs up?” he asks. Definitely. We’ll be back.


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