Izakaya by Puck: The Source

11 Jun

The Source, Wolfgang Puck’s Pan-Asian fine dining experience in the Newseum, has been on my list of places to try since it opened. I had yet to venture there until a few weeks ago as their prices points are a wee bit high (well I would assume so anyway… their website doesn’t list prices and if you have to ask…). Recently however the restaurant has debuted an Izakaya style menu. In Japan Izakayas are essentially bars that offer food as well, usually for reasonable prices. The concept takes over the Source lounge daily from 4:00 to 6:00pm, when you can choose any three items off the menu for $20.10 including a few sake and beer selections.

Tuna Cones

My lovely  dining companion and I we both half starved and decided to order three small plates each and drinks separately. My cocktail tasted like drinking a liquid cucumber, ideal on a hot day, and packed quite the punch. We both ordered the spicy tuna tartar, one of the restaurants signature dishes. It is served ice cream cone style, piled into a slightly sweet miso sesame cone, and does not disappoint. Keeping with the theme I ordered the spicy tuna roll, with was topped with tiny dollops of chipotle aioli, lending just the right amounts of creaminess and smoky spice. For my final dish I had ordered chili squid, which emerged over a huge bed of pan fried noodles accompanied by pork belly all coated in a delicious sweet and spicy sauce. That dish was a meal in itself.

All of that for $20.10? That’s a deal far too good to pass up.


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