Battle Shallot & Apricot: Judgment Day

26 May

As last week’s winner in Battle strawberry Wonton Wrapper P&K was asked to judge this week’s Foodie Fight, Battle Shallot Apricot. For those of you that missed it, Foodie Fights is an online Iron Chef type competition. P&K won last week with Ceviche with Strawberry Salsa and Wonton Chips. 

All the entries in this week’s battle looked great but in the end I went with Jazzman831’s Savory Smoked Chicken Tart with Shallots and Apricots. A herb crust, smokey chicken, goat cheese layer and caramelized shallots and apricots… how do you beat that? Apparently you make a ‘Shallicot’ feast which is just what this week’s winner Brake for Bread did, with my pick Jazzman coming in second.

Great job everyone! Can’t wait for next week’s Burger Battle!

You can check out Foodie Fights here.


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