25 May

The first time I walked into Kushi for dinner at 11:00 pm I wasn’t even sure they would still be open, much less still seating. Instead of the few lonely patrons I expected however, the restaurant seemed to be just getting started. The music was loud and the tables full of twenty and thirty-somethings enjoying late night sushi and sake. The restaurant, as it turns out, is open till 1:30 am. Late night Japanese street food? Sounds good to me.

Serious Sushi

Seated, and starving, we consulted our waitress on some unfamiliar items on the menu. We order a mixture of maki and items from the charcoal grill. Our sushi arrives first, fatty tuna and scallion and salmon and avocado. They are dainty rolls that showcase the very good  fish inside. Salmon paired with avocado takes on a creamy texture and the fatty tuna makes you wonder how the mealy tuna one is often served comes from the same school of fish. This is some of the best, if not the best, traditional sushi that I have found in this city.

Grilled to Go

As we work through the sushi our grill items arrive, petite skewers of meat smelling of charcoal. We order a range: wagyu beef, duck sausage, pork belly and chicken meatballs. I was surprised when, raw fish addict that I am, I enjoyed these just as much as our sushi. Each skewer was delicious but the favorites at our table were the wagyu and the duck, so tasty I would have been happy to eaten four or five more portions. We rounded the meal out with the grilled rice ball of the day. The dish is crispy on the outside and harbors a surprise with a mushroom filled center.You know a restaurant is doing well when they even manage to make rice exciting.

Kushi? I can’t wait to go back for more!



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