Ceviche with Strawberry Salsa and Wonton Chips

18 May

This week Pickles and Kumquats is competing in Foodie Fights, an online Iron Chef type cooking battle. Secret Ingredients? Strawberries… and wonton wrappers? I will admit this week’s battle ingredients on Foodie Fights had me pretty stumped. I have never made anything in a wonton wrapper and the strawberries in my household are most likely to be eaten directly from the container, perhaps dipped in a little chocolate for good measure. However, creativity in the kitchen is always fun and (hopefully) tasty, so on went the thinking cap and multiple sweet and savory ideas later I came up with one that I was actually excited to make. Ceviche with Strawberry Salsa and Wonton Chips.

Wonton Wrappers and Strawberries? Check and Check!

When the weather warms up ceviche is one of those dishes that I cannot get enough of, so it seemed like the perfect choice as we roll into summer. Fresh seafood, a good dose of citrus and sweet strawberries scooped up in a salty wonton chip. Sounds good to me!

First up: A Little Arm Work Out

When making a ceviche you are cooking your seafood of choice in citrus juice therefore you are going to need enough liquid to cover all your seafaring friends. This is a lot of juice! I used a half cup each lemon and lime juice and a full cup orange juice, which translated to three lemons, four limes and two huge navel oranges. So get out your juicer and be prepared to squeeze citrus fruit until your arm is sore! Once you’re all squeezed out pour your seafood (in this a half pound each case shrimp and lump and claw crabmeat), and your citrus juice into a bowl, cover and throw it in the fridge. Believe it or not the citric acid in the juice will actually cook your seafood!

Keep Juicing...

Next: Get to Chopping

After all that juicing it is time to do a good bit of chopping to make the strawberry salsa. So grab your knife and dice up half a red onion, a third of a cup cilantro, two Serrano chilies (or not if you don’t like the heat), one cup avocado, a half cup seeded roma tomato and one and a half cups fresh strawberries. Once that’s all chopped up mix it in a bowl together and set it aside to let the flavors get all cozy-like and blend together.

Sweet Salsa!

And Now: Get to Waiting

There are different schools of thought as to when a ceviche becomes a ceviche rather than just a bowl of raw seafood. Some say 30 minutes, some say 3 hours. My dining companions were not so excited about digging into a bowl of blue shrimp so we went with the 3 hour option and wait we did.

And Then: To the Fryer!

When your ceviche has turned opaque it is just about done, and almost time to eat. I can’t think of a better way to scoop up those sweet and savory morsels than with a crispy fried wonton chip. To make your chips heat four cups vegetable oil to 350 degrees and cut each wonton square into two triangles and then fold each triangle in half so that the wonton is doulbled over, this ensured a strong chip that won’t crumble as you scoop u tasty tidbits. Add each wonton to the oil frying for approximately twenty seconds each side, until they are crispy and golden. Remove the chips from the oil with a slotted spoon and immediately sprinkle with sea salt.


Drain the excess juice from your ceviche and mix the strawberry salsa in with the seafood. Now grab one of those crisps, scoop and enjoy! The flavors are bright and fresh. The sweetness of the strawberries cut the acid from all that citrusy seafood and tasted simply splendid on the flaky wonton crisps. A Summery dish that is definitely worth a little prep and a little wait. Yum!

Taste Sensation!

Like what you see? Click here to head over to Foodie Fights and  VOTE!


3 Responses to “Ceviche with Strawberry Salsa and Wonton Chips”

  1. Jenn in Tenn May 18, 2010 at 12:44 pm #

    Oh wow, I’ve never had the opportunity to try ceviche, but this looks delish! Good job!

    • njones125 May 18, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

      Jenn, This was actually my first try! Its easy! Just a whole bunch of prep work.


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