Kybecca Wine Bar and Shop: Tasty Sips and Nibbles in Fredericksburg

4 May

Last weekend I ventured to the outer boroughs of the Metro area. During my adventures in these exotic locals (read: Stafford County and Fredericksburg) I wandered into a little wine bar that the Post credited as being worth trip down 95, Kybecca Wine Bar and Shop in downtown Fredericksburg. If you have never been to the area historic Fredericksburg is quite similar to Old Town, Alexandria, cutesy, historic and whatnot. Kybecca offers indoor and outdoor seating, in cozy booths or bar tops. There is a wall of enomatic machines (fancy schmacy keep wine fresh for 45 day gizmos) that allow them to offer over 30 wines by the glass or as samples.

Tasty Little Finger Foods

The wine bar’s kitchen focuses on locally sourced small plates or ‘tastes’ as they bill them. We started our tasting with a very reasonably price cabernet sauvignon and bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese. This is one of my favorite little appetizers and they do theirs very well, the blue cheese is a nice addition. My only complaint? Their date portion consists of two dates, just two, to me the $6 price tag merits at least four but oh well.  Next up lamb rib chops and bison blue cheese sliders. The lamb, served bone-in as finger food, was delicious. Tender meat topped with pistachio pesto and pecorino, it was my favorite taste of the evening. The sliders? Disappointing, with far too thin patties and basic buns, they reminded me of the drive through variety. Finally lobster mac and cheese made with cheddar and pancetta. Every table in the restaurant seemed to have ordered the dish so we followed suit. It was good dish but didn’t knock my socks off (though I may be biased after the amazing truffled lobster mac I was treated to recently at Sante in Sonoma).

Little Lobster, Little Mac and Cheese

On the food front it was an evening of hits and misses and while I would certainly eat there again what is more likely to bring me back to Kybecca is the wine and the wine shop. The bottle of cab we drank with dinner was lovely and at $26 a serious steal. After dinner we picked up two bottles priced at under $12 from the shop and enjoyed both. They have a huge selection with bottles at every price point, including a large selection of budget friendly bottles and that is definitely something I can get behind.


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