Brunching at Matchbox

28 Apr

Sundays. Time for brunch. What else? Recently my go to brunch has been Matchbox in Chinatown. I like Matchbox for a whole host of reasons. 1) Seating options. Matchbox has a lot of them: an outside patio, cozy brick walled dining rooms, a bustling bar and green house like dining room with a glass ceiling. Whatever your mood or the weather, they’ve got what you’re looking for. 2) It’s a hop skip and a jump from my front door. A major plus because Sundays are lazy and I don’t like to have to commute to my eggs. 3) The food. It tastes good. Enough said.

OK maybe not quite enough said. I like their brunch menu because it has a little of everything. On the lighter side there are dishes like fruit and yogurt with house made granola and frisee salad with poached eggs. Leaning toward lunch and they have their entire regular menu available, pizza and sliders etc. Looking for something in the way of bacon, eggs and potatoes and they’ll serve it to you in a cast iron skillet jazzed up with fresh herbs and such. Can’t decide whether you want brunch or one of the restaurants signature wood fired pizzas? There is the chorizo and goat cheese roll, a delicious breakfast  calzone type dish filled with spicy chorizo, asparagus, goat cheese and tomato sauce. It’s the kind of place where there is always something new to try.

Tower o' Crab

On a recent visit we started with crab and avocado salad, a little tower of the two sitting on a pool of tarragon aioli with crostini for scooping up every creamy, crabby bite. Next up my main course was a prosciutto  and gruyere waffle sandwich with a honey Dijon dipping sauce, the perfect option for when you just can’t decide whether to go sweet or savory. My only complaint was that the dish, billed with an accompaniment of fresh melon, emerged with two lonely looking raspberries and in my book two berries does not a side make. I mentioned this the our waitress and moments later the kitchen sent an entire fruit salad dressed in yogurt, more than making up for the menu misunderstanding. I also thoroughly enjoyed the bites I stole from the boyfriend’s Bloody Mary burger, a cheddar plus gouda cheese burger topped with bacon, a fried egg and a spicy tomato aioli, breakfast and lunch in one very tasty (and very indulgent) package.

Waffle Dippers

Then there is the cocktail menu. Matchbox offers eleven distinct brunch cocktails of the bloody or champagne variety. The Matchbox mimosa for example adds a little Patron to the classic champagne and orange juice combo and is topped with a strawberry, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Breakfast and Lunch on a Bun

In short: Sunday. Time for Brunch. Matchbox? Yes please.


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