Hipster Rolls: Sticky Rice

23 Apr

If I had to pick just one thing to eat for the rest of my life I think it just might be sushi. My  life might be a short one due to mercury poisoning  but at least it would be filled with good eats. Point being, I love sushi, a lot. One of the things I miss about California is widely available, reasonably priced sushi. It’s everywhere out there, here not so much. I am always on the hunt for new sushi spots  and recently tried one that I‘m surprised I’ve never ventured to before: Sticky Rice.

Sticky Rice, in the hipster haven Atlas district, serves its sushi with a sense of humor. On this occasion, our plaid bedecked waiter plopped himself down at the empty table next to us to take our order like he was just passing through to chat for a minute. Our selections he informed us were ‘awesome.’ While we waited for our rolls we worked our way through a big bucket of the restaurant’s other specialty, tater tots. I don’t think I’ve had a tot since my days in school cafeterias. Perhaps I should work them in more often though because tater tots are in fact awesome. Theirs are crispier than the greasy lunch tray version and come with their ‘secret tater tot sauce’ which is delicious (I’m guessing the secret has something to do with a little mayonnaise and Sriracha).


Sticky Rice is not the place you want to go to if you are looking for traditional sushi. Instead the rolls tend to be behemoths, the fish married with cream cheese and jalapenos, rolled in wasabi peas or almonds and deep fried for good measure. That is not to say the rolls are not delicious, often they are. Hits from this visit included the Godzirra roll (their spelling not mine), one of the behemoths featuring shrimp, avocado and cream cheese topped with spicy sauce and tempura crunchies and the Fantabulous Amazing Roll whose amazingness is comprised of crabmeat cucumbers and cream cheese topped with tuna sashimi. Would the people of Japan recognize these as sushi? Perhaps not. Are they tasty? Absolutely.

Sushi and tater tots… who knew?

Saucy Sushi



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