College Town Comida

20 Apr

When one thinks of college food the stereotypes that inevitably spring to mind are: cereal, Cup o’ Noodles, delivery pizza, dorm food and more cereal. I was lucky enough however, to go to school in Berkeley, CA where my diet, apart from the ever-present Honey Bunches of Oats, also regularly included fresh sandwiches and salads from locally owned cafes, sushi, Indian, Mexican, Thai etc. I would be ecstatic to see any of my Berkeley favs migrate east. Until then I’ll just have to keep visiting.

On my last trip out West, I took a little trip down memory lane with the lovely Jessica and her family in the form of dinner at a little Italian place called Filippos. Filippos was a short walk from each and every one of the bevy apartments I inhabited during my four years in Berkeley. It was cozy, cheap and turned out reliably tasty food and some good brunch options, so it was visited with some frequency.

On this visit however the familiar spot brought something new to the table, $5 bottomless glasses of house red and white: win. (Dear Filippos, Why did we not employ this concept while I was attending school?? Would have appreciated, for serious). We ordered an appetizer sampler of bruschetta, calamari and mini pesto caprese salads which had some hits and misses but was great for sharing.

For my main course I went with the fettechini al salmon. The pasta was made fresh from spinach and was served with spring peas, sundried tomatoes and flaky smoked salmon, all tossed in a light and lemony dill cream sauce. One thing I definitely appreciated was that they didn’t drown the pasta in cream sauce, leaving the dish light and tasting of Spring. The food doesn’t leave you saying ‘wow’ but its good and it hits the spot.

All in all, Filippos is a good neighborhood Italian spot, with friendly service and wallet friendly dining that tastes good. And that, in school or out, is definitely something I can appreciate.


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