24 Mar

Last week at a going away luncheon for my lovely friend and coworker Ambrie (miss you chicita!) I had the opportunity to try Chef Morou’s latest venture Kora, a relatively new Italian restaurant in Crystal City. What they have done with the space itself is impressive. I liked the soaring ceilings, purple walls and the giant silk screen portrait of Morou’s daughter for whom the restaurant is named. We were seated in a private room for large groups which didn’t have the charm of the main space in my opinion but allowed all 20 of us to sit together so I wasn’t complaining.

The lunch menu included a plethora of choices. There are entrée, salad, Panini, and pizza options as well as a $16 dollar you-pick-three lunch menu that would probably leave me snoozing on my keyboard but is quite the deal if you are up for it. Most of our table went with the lunch deal, I decided to keep it (relatively) light and ordered the prosciutto and mozzarella panini.

Pretty. Salty.

Morou has always been a stickler for presentation and my panini arrived framing a little side salad a silver cup of French fries standing at attention. Very pretty for a lunch time sandwich. I really enjoyed the first few bites: flavor packed prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, briny tapenade and fresh veggies. Yum. And then a few bites in all I got was salt and lots of it. I suppose it was my fault for ordering a sandwich who’s two main ingredients are prosciutto (seriously salty) and olive tapenade (salt fest) but I think they could have found a way to make the dish slightly less aggressive on the sodium front. Saltiness aside it was still quite tasty, I just had to have four Diet Coke refills to work my way through it.

Everyone seemed to be more than happy with their meals returning their plates to the kitchen that had been scraped clean. The only group complaint was that lunch was a bit on the lengthy side two hours does not a power lunch make. Still I am happy to have Kora in the Crystal City mix, it is nice to have a local establishment thrown in with all those chain restaurants!


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