Hora Feliz: Oyamel

4 Mar

This winter has been pretty dreadful. While Washington waits with breath that is baited for spring, the forecasts continue to be cold, gray and drizzly. Ick. I love DC but warmer climates are sounding considerably more appealing these days. Unfortunately jetting off to somewhere sunny and sandy is just not in the cards right now, at least not for this Washingtonian. What to do, what to do…? I’ll tell you what to do. Throw on your scarf and your mittens and hightail it downtown to the Hora Feliz at Oyamel.

This weekend I met my friend Kristi there to have a drink and perhaps a little comida. The space itself is quite the pick-me-up. Orange and pink décor + Butterflies dangling from the ceiling + well made margaritas= Instant Summer= Win. I’ve never met a margarita in a Jose Andres establishment that I didn’t like. I enjoy the ‘salt air’ version touted at Café Atlantico and I enjoy the classic version here. There is no margarita mix when Mr. Andres is involved and to that I say ‘thank you’, ‘yes please’ and ‘may I have another.’

We decided to get a little food with our tequila and ordered up some tacos.  Any order at Oyamel includes a free serving of chips and salsa. Theirs are made fresh daily and are seasoned with chilies, salt and… tequila (Tequila tortilla chips? Mr. Andres, I do believe we would be fast friends).  I selected two tacos. The first was carnitas with tomatillo sauce and a little pork rind nestled on top, and the second shredded beef and fresh salsa. Fresh and flavorful those little ditties put any other Taco Tuesday to shame.

And the bill for my two tacos, two drinks and chips… twelve dollars. Good food + Good Drinks + A Sunny Interior for $12= you now know where to find me Friday-Sunday between the hours of 4:30 and 6:30.

So I'll just sit right here and have another beer in Mexico...

Oyamel’s Hora Feliz

$4 Margaritas, Ponche and Draft Beer
2 for $4 Tacos
Half Price Wine

Friday through Sunday
4:30-6:30 PM



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