22 Feb

Last Sunday Rob and I braved the Old Towne, Alexandria parking in the snow situation to have dinner at Overwood (well he braved, I sat in the passenger seat and was very helpful, I’m sure, in pointing out ‘prime’ parking real estate, like on top of snow banks and in spots that smart cars would have to do a nine-point turn to get into). I have been to Overwood several times and always enjoy my meal there. It is a great neighborhood space, the clientele ranging from Alexandria’s ‘young professionals’ popping in for a beer and a bite at the bar, to families, and so forth. My one complaint about the place is that all the exposed brick and hardwood, while attractive, often elevates noise levels to the point that you have to speak with a raised voice to communicate with your dining companion(s).  Luckily on this visit, we were tucked in a booth in the back corner of the back room. Not noisy at all. Win.

Being Valentine’s Day and all, we ordered a bottle of wine. The waitress dissuaded me from me original choice and suggested the Tapena, Temperanillio. The menu described it as a ‘Pinot Noir in blue jeans’, it was a light red like a pinot but had a peppery kick to it. I liked it a lot, enough that I’ve already googled places in DC that carry it.

For a starter we ordered the smoked salmon bruschetta which is like a bagel with lox and cream cheese, only a little lighter and a bit more sophisticated. It is a taste-sensation, but to be honest it is the kind of thing one could whip up pretty easily at home… and I think perhaps I will… (perhaps for a light brunch this weekend).

For my main course I got the roast chicken. I love roast chicken, so simple and delicious. I have had theirs before and it is one of my favorites. The chicken itself is slathered with herbs and roasted (in their wood-fired oven I believe) and emerges tender, with a crisp skin that tastes of rosemary. It is served on a bed of garlicky mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts, with a generous dose of mushroom gravy. The dish as a whole is one of my favorite comfort foods, worth climbing a snow bank or two for. What makes it even better is that the ½ chicken portion means I always have leftovers!

Creamy, Tasty, Comfy

We finished the evening off with the raspberry-chocolate mousse from their V-Day menu (I think it is in the Valentine’s rule book that one must order something chocolate) and were not disappointed. All in all, Overwood deliverers a quite pleasant dining experience. If you are looking for a little American-style comfort in the Alexandria area go check it out, order the chicken and make sure to ask for a table in the back.



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