Lunch Crush at Proof

19 Feb

Last week’s massive torrential snow-pour came with many pluses and minuses. Plus, no work! Minus, cabin fever! With the Federal Government closed for almost the entire week one of the pluses in my book was the ability to get out and enjoy an unhurried lunch, the kind a regular work day would simply not permit.

Proof is right down the street from my place of residence, but nowhere near my place of business, so though I had always been intrigued by their $12 weekday ‘Lunch Crush’ special I never had the opportunity to give it a try.  So when we could no longer stand the sight of my apartment last Thursday my fabulous roommate and I slipped and slid our way down to Proof to see what their ‘Crush’ was all about.

It was my first visit to Proof and I really enjoyed the space. The vibe is kind like a wine library kicked up with a little kitsch. Warm, earthy décor and a wall to wall wine racks (complete with sliding library-esc ladders so that bartenders can reach bottles on the top shelves) make the place cozy and inviting, while bare-bulb pendant lamps and creatively-cute restroom décor make give it a trendy feel and a sense of humor.

The ‘Lunch Crush’ includes a glass of wine (you specify red or white, they choose from there), and a lunch entrée of your choice. Having had enough comfort food to last me the rest of the winter that week, I went with a glass of white and the shrimp burger. The burger was a perfect portion for the lunch hour, not a cutesy slider but also not the food-coma inducing behemoth that beefy versions often are. It came with no sides but I found that the balance of texture and flavor with in the sandwich made it a meal on its own.  The shrimp patty itself was a nice balance. The center was fresh and moist and tasted like strait up shrimp cocktail while the exterior was crisp and golden with a satisfying crunch. Neither element was at all oily or greasy, which in my opinion ruins many a fried fish sandwich. The patty was topped with a refreshing salad of shaved cucumber, pickled daikon and carrots and a few thin slices of jalapeños that, in the words of one Mr. Lagasse, kicked it up a notch (BAM). The wine served with complemented it nicely and was a nice size pour, no skimping at this lunch counter!

Proof is defiantly worth a visit especially for the lunch deal, it really can’t be beat. I hope to make it back soon with or without another push from Mother Nature.

Cheeky Wallpaper in the Ladies Restroom- Ooo La La


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