4 Feb

This weekend I made my first visit to J&G Steakhouse, the latest outpost of the Jean-Georges empire, located in The W Hotel downtown. The W is one of my favorite spaces in the city, primarily because entering the lobby is like walking on to the set of Beetlejuice, one of my favorite movies of all time. Every time I go I fully anticipate that the funky-trendy furniture will come alive and half-dead creatures will emerge from the fireplace (in a really, really good way). J&G doesn’t keep with the theme, but I can understand that not all diners want to spend their dinner hour channeling Winona and an undead Michael Keaton, so I won’t knock them on the lack of Tim Burton-esc decor.
After being out of town during this year’s winter RW. I was psyched to see that J&G was running its $20.10 lunch special through the 31st. When my dining companion and I opened our menus however we were quite dismayed to see a brunch menu displayed where our lunch deal should have been. Our waiter informed us that the special had ended the day before (Side Note to J&G: your website says ‘through the 31st’… serious negative points for false advertising).
Pushing thoughts of hanger steak, slow cooked salmon and crisp calamari out of our minds, we settled for a basket of muffins (ok the selection was pretty great… but a muffin just can’t compare to tender little squid morsels!) and brunch fare. On the plus side, the brunch menu comes with a champagne cocktail of your choice and I am a girl who is very easily won over by a good Bellini. And good Bellini it was indeed. Theirs is a raspberry lychee affair, that adds an almost creamy texture to its champagne fizz. It was a tasty treat for all, my only complaint being that I would have preferred to have at least three of them.
For my main course I went with the J&G cheeseburger which was pretty great as cheeseburgers go. The burger had a nice char to it while still maintaining a juicy pink center. It tasted like it had just been pulled off the Weber (ah charcoal-y goodness how I have missed you in these grill free months). The bun, toasted and buttered, held up to the burger quite nicely, not turning into a soggy mess as less worthy buns often do. The accompanying fries were also a win. Thin and crisp and served in a large portion, they met all my top French fry criterions for goodness.
The meal was capped off with dessert. Mine was a crème fraiche cheesecake with glazed figs and a concord grape sorbet. The cheesecake was rich and creamy, enhanced by the juicy fresh fig sauce and sorbet. It reminded me of a classic cherry-toped diner cheesecake, only in a much more grown-up, sophisticated outfit.
All in all I would recommend J&G for a nice (and pricey) evening out and even for brunch, 2.5 courses and a cocktail is not a bad deal for $35 in this town… just don’t trust the website, and watch out for those wing chairs.



One Response to “J&G STEAKHOUSE”

  1. Betsy February 4, 2010 at 5:27 pm #

    I am a fan of the W hotel as well, though sometimes find the staff a little condescending. I can’t wait to try the burger, I could sense the juice running down your chin. And as the warm months approach I look forward to sitting on the roof deck.
    Happy dining.

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